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#gc2018 – Volunteer Duties Begin

November 1st 2017

My duties as a volunteer for the 2018 Gold Coast #gc2018 Commonwealth Games has started. November 1st Brisbane International Shooting Centre #BISC opened its door to some 70 different countries and around 180 athletes for the Oceania’s and test event for GC2018.

I had the privilege of being the medal bearer for three of the days of competition, a super exciting experience, one I’ll never forget, like so many other super exciting experiences to come.

I was apart of a wonderful team of volunteers who all went above and beyond with their duties to make sure all those athletes visiting from across the world are assured that when they arrive here, at our fantastic shooting complex in 2018, they will have everything they need to have a great shoot and go for GOLD.

The last presentation for me as a medal bearer and the last of the competition, was one I’ve never experienced before. The Shotgun guys sure do know how to make an entrance.  The winner is carried in on a chair/throne, lead by Bagpipes playing – YES ! I said bagpipes. I lead them all in to the medal ceremony, so cool to have real bagpipes playing right behind me. When I volunteered to do the ceremony, I had know idea what I was saying yes to. What great fun …..

Not long now until the games begin.

2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Wednesday 4th of April – Sunday the 15th April.

Live life …. like there’s no tomorrow …. I do!

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