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Silence is Golden

Mornings Golden Hour
Photography by

A moment in time ….

My inner self woke to complete silence this beautiful Autumn morning , for that one or more seconds not a creature was stirring not even the neighborhood dogs. If I listen carefully I can hear the sounds of the wind rustling through the leaves of the tree outside my window , the tiniest of sound coming from the bamboo windchimes on my verandah and the tiniest tinkle from another windchime as the breeze comes and goes.

Golden silence

However nothing lasts forever and neither did the silence. Moments later it started with a lone Raven in the distance, then the plane full of people looking for that few minutes of adrenaline, the sound of parachutes popping open. A vehicle, a baby, the sound of jet ski’s blowing in on the southerly breeze. Slowly but surely the neighborhood was coming alive.
And that my friends is the end of my golden silence for another day …

Golden Silence
Photography by


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