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Kuschall Wheelchair 

Seated photography is someone who uses a wheelchair or a chair and takes photographs while in a seated position.  Professional or amateur,  we all  use a chair of some kind. Me..I’m in a wheelchair

For those who aren’t aware of my disability,  I have FSH MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY aka Facioscapulohurmeral Muscular Dystrophy. A rare muscle wasting disease that slowly takes my ability to walk, dress, shower, cook, clean,  hold my arms up to drink from a cup, cut my food, sometimes feed myself. Anything and everything that you may take for granted. 

Magnificent ghost gum 

I don’t pretend to be a great photographer,  I just love creating an image.  When I’m behind the camera clicking away I tend to lose track of time and sometimes my surroundings.  It takes me to another place  where I’m focused yet extremely relaxed. 

You’re probably asking yourselves right about now “how”? How does she take photos if she can’t hold her camera? 

I place my camera on my knee, I flick my side view screen around so I can see what I’m aiming at and click. I tilt it in many directions but mainly landscape. I’ve use a tripod a couple of times, however I need to have someone with me to assist with setup and mount my camera to it. I’ve also got a camera pole but like most things I have to be able to carry it with me and I have to be able to mount the camera to it on my own.  This is why I mostly leave them at home. 

I love to challenge myself to create a unique visual image whenever I’m shooting. I could spend all day playing with my camera and it’s setting just to see what I can create.  

Below are just a few of my latest photos for you to enjoy or take a look at my Instagram page #aimpointshoot  #lifesjourneyonwheeles

To see my next adventure …. you can find me on Facebook too @lifesjourneyonwheeles   @aimpointshoot   

Native Bottlebrush 
Willy Wagtail
Playing with settings 
Beautiful Sunset over Clontarf Beach Queensland 
My camera Jikon Coolpix 600