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I’m one of those people who won’t give in to my disability. “So I’m miss independent”, what’s wrong with that?

One day, could be sooner rather than later, I won’t have the use of my arms. I’m not there yet but I am realistic and know its in my future.

In the meantime I do what I can with the help of some pretty neat AT (assistive technology)

I’ve had a pretty good system going in my laundry for some years now but I have been struggling with it lately.

My arm strength ain’t what it use to be. After all I do put them through their paces at times.

Anyways, I’ve been searching for a solution so I can continue doing my washing/laundry myself.

I found it……

A power assisted clothesline that’s remote control, comes down to a height that I can manage to hang washing at AND it has heating, cooling fan and a light all at a touch of a button.

But wait there’s more…. at the time of purchase I decided to buy the pegs that are used with the line….yep pegs. The coolest pegs ever. So, I peg them to the garment while its on my knee then I hang it on the line. The pegs have hooks making it so easy for me to just reach up one hook at a time and hang my clothes over the line. So no more trying to hold the garment up to the line with one hand while pegging with the other.

I love it so much that I can’t wait for the next load of dirty washing just so I can hang my washing then press a button and send it to the roof/ceiling to dry.

TopLine Clothes lines

remote control, heating, cooling and light
easy to use hook pegs
stainless steel