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🎉 International Day of People with Disability 🎉

I want to share a story with you all about the power of hopes, ideas, dreams and aspirations.

2021-this is My Story.

An idea expressed during an interview is now a reality and I am excited to share it with you all on this IMPORTANT day of the year.

Me, Tracey … On location Woody Point Queensland

Early 2020 during an interview filming I expressed an idea that I’ve had for some years to the film crew.
Fast forward to today and now I’m a Consultant/Mentor for a program that we, the team and I have developed together called

“Beyond the Chair”

un-Other “Beyond the Chair” Program

We took our pilot program into three schools this year and had a remarkable experience with the students who intern gave us great feedback on how this experience has changed their way of seeing and interacting with people with disabilities. A life changing experience for some.

2022 looks to be even more exciting. We have been invited back to present our 5 day immersion program to all three schools.

We are also looking at presenting in the corporate world as an awareness and introduction program. By taking this program to the corporate world my hope is to invite them into our world to showcase our ability to adapt and encourage them to look beyond the chair beyond the disability and employ people with disabilities. “We work harder than most because we feel we have something to prove”

The “Beyond the Chair” program is developed around a structured curriculum which sees:
🔹️members of disability communities go into schools/organisations and share their story and insights

Tristam Peters Consultant/Mentor

🔹️participants given the opportunity to get into a chair and participate in wheelchair sessions (eg: basketball, powerchair football, music or art) with members of the community

Students learning to play
Wheelchair Basketball

🔹️conceptual framework and reflection to connect the key concepts and drive attitudinal change and provide meaning and purpose to the experience.

Students in Chairs – Gregory Terrace

It’s through this participation that we see  mindsets change:
There is no us & them, the barrier of “difference” is broken down on the playing field.
We are all “the same” The idea of inclusiveness is lived, learned and experienced not just read about in a text.

For further information on the concept of our “Beyond the Chair” Immersion Program, visit the link below ⬇️

Now none of this would have been possible without our Founders Introducing:

Joe Darcy who has a background in digital media and video production

Martin Gibbons also has a background in digital media and video production

Br Damien Price Consultant/Facilitator came on board and developed a viable learning concept that would allow us to bring this program to students.

Bring in our members from a varied disability sector:

Tristam Peters Consultant/Mentor -avid Powerchair Footballer, playing for the Australian Poweroos, Marketer and Content Creator and lives with a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Tracey Jackson Consultant/Mentor Retired Australian Para-Shooter, content Creator, Disability Advocate, Inclusive Adaptive Clothing Consultant and lives with a condition called FacisoScapuloHumeral Muscular Dystrophy (aka FSHD)

To read more about our amazing team, visit the link below ⬇️

For further information please visit our website, by clicking the link below ⬇️



Hello .... I'm a wheelie living my life to the fullest. This blog is about my life and its all about now or never. Follow my journeys - from traveling all over my country to everyday triumphs. I may not be able to use my legs however I have a heart and soul and I won't sit around feeling sorry for myself. So come with me on my journey of life and have some fun along the way. I will share the ups and downs, the fun and the hardships to having that fun. Places I go, equipment I use and my dream of staying independent and much much more

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